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Beef Meets World Title (large).png

by: Max Fisk

Finishing school without an obvious path to becoming an action comedy star? How about a reckless, romantic gallivant to The Land Down Under?


Max “Beef” Fisk is a twenty-six-year-old prince in New Orleans, LA. He has many friends, crushes, talents, quirks, and far too much inherited money for a young man so allergic to “maturity.”


Our neurotic hero dances through many unanticipated, hilarious episodes. He moves in with eleven roommates from nine different countries and seeks fulfillment in paradise while contemplating the big topics: purpose, love, sexuality, culture, optimism, ego, religion, surfing, and death.


Prepare for a short but dense, shark-infested travel memoir packed with excitement, heartbreak, insight, and wit.

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